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“Thank you sooo much <3
the experience was so peaceful. I felt the Lord’s presence throughout the entire process.”

Destiny S. Aug. 19, 2020

GM☀️ this is one of our mother Kasey that will be featured on our Agency website. Her words about you was so heartfelt I wanted you to know how you have touch our families ❤️

Sonya M. April 13, 2021

I had the BEST experience with my doula Ms Cynthia. She was more than I can ask for. During and after birth ! During birth  she came in like a breath of fresh air. She knew exactly what to do and say to keep me calm and get me through the pain. She was very helpful to my boyfriend during labor also. Helped him get through the long hours of being by my side and guided him.She helped me make the right decisions that I needed to make for myself and baby I had. Natural birth, I couldn't have done that without her.

I also had serious health issues during and after my pregnancy and she was there every time I needed her. She actually saved my life. My health issues were more serious than I thought. And if it wasn't for her checking on me, being my advocate and encouraging me to use my voice, idk how my story would have been.

Ms. Cynthia played a major role in this chapter in my life and I am grateful for her. My family is blessed that we were able to have her with us through our journey. My boyfriend and I have 2 beautiful daughters and would like to have more children. I wish I could've had her for my first pregnancy but she is definitely the first person we will call.

Kasey N. April 13, 2021

I highly recommend hiring Cynthia as your birth doula. From the beginning, I felt totally supported, and empowered by Cynthia. Most importantly though, Cynthia possesses that natural ability that makes you fee instantly comfortable and at ease, as if you were both old friends. That to me was SO crucial in a birth doula, since you want to feel totally secure when birthing your baby! No time for awkwardness!!

As an experienced nurse myself, I found her advice and advocating skills extremely impressive. With both her physical and emotional support and guidance, I was able to get into such a ZONE while being induced on Pitocin that the medical team turned it OFF, and I birthed my baby unmedicated with no pain meds. Truly magical. 

Afterwards, she took pictures I will cherish forever and helped my baby latch to my breast, which lead to the successful breastfeeding journey I had hoped for. 

She was everything I needed in a birth doula and MORE! When baby #2 comes, the first thing I will do is call her up!

Mallory A. Jan. 27, 2022

Having a doula was one of the best decisions that I ever made. My family and I were blessed enough to have Ms.

Cynthia helps us through my birthing process. Every visit from her was informative and gave me the courage to birth my son. She was so loving, so kind and so attentive. During my delivery, much of my birthing plan changed and I felt defeated.


Cynthia was there to tell me that everything was ok and reminded me of how wonderful my body was and reminded me that I COULD do this and that my body was made for this.

Having her there helped my husband and me feel safe and heard in the delivery room. Birthing during a pandemic was not easy, but doing it with her there made all the difference. Thank you, Ms. Cynthia, for making my birth experience beautiful. 

Jazzman C. March 5, 2022

Linlin L

My husband and I cannot express enough gratitude for the incredible support we received from Cynthia, our birth and postpartum doula. From the moment we met her, it was evident that she was passionate about her work and genuinely cared about our well-being. Her dedication, knowledge, calming presence and nurturing nature made our journey into parenthood a truly transformative experience.

During the birth, Cynthia was an unwavering source of strength. She provided continuous emotional and physical support, offering reassurance and encouragement every step of the way. Her calming presence helped create a serene environment, allowing us to focus on the miracle of bringing our child into the world.

Beyond the birth, Cynthia’s support during the postpartum period was invaluable. She is a pillar of knowledge, guiding us through the challenges and uncertainties that come with caring for a newborn. She supported me when I was most vulnerable after the birth and when I was overwhelmed by being a new mom. Unfortunately, my mother could not be at the birth or provide postpartum support, and Cynthia filled that void and made me feel like everything would be okay. She cares so much about our baby Oliver and we are forever grateful to her. Her reassuring words and non-judgmental approach gave us the confidence to embrace our new roles as parents. Thank you so much, Cynthia. 

Linlin L. July 6, 2023

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